In my 63 years of living on this planet I have encountered three exceptional piano technicians/tuners/rebuilders: one in Memphis, one in Los Angeles and one in Asheville. The absolute best of those three men is the extraordinary John Foy. His understanding of sound quality, voicing and action is superior. His tuning is spectacular and does not dissipate quickly; rather, it holds for an unusually long period of time. Add to his incredible abilities his professionalism and humanity and one finds an artist who I believe to be stunningly brilliant at his craft. Any fine piano with a loving owner deserves to be touched by the artistry of John Foy for the absolute benefit of the pianist, the listener and the piano.

David Troy Francis
Asheville, North Carolina

Thank you for the gorgeous piano!

Ruth Laredo

John Foy’s remarkable skill in piano restoration is perhaps nowhere more evident than in Elon University’s superb Steinway concert grand, one of the most evenly voiced, perfectly regulated and beautiful sounding pianos that my brother and I have ever played.

Richard Contiguglia
New York, NY

Thanks and congratulations for your fantastic instrument!

Jon Nakamatsu
San Francisco, CA

That Steinway I just tried in the Organ Recital Hall is delicious! I can’t wait to play a recital there and exploit that responsive action and lovely sound.

John Salmon
Professor of Piano, UNCG
Greensboro, NC

In a word, John Foy is the best technician I have dealt with at any length. His sense of tonal aesthetics is the most finely tuned I have encountered. His training as a pianist at Oberlin, plus his own refined tonal concept, enable him to understand what the pianist needs and wants from the inside out. He makes the piano, and consequently the pianist, sound as good as they possibly can.

Barbara Lister-Sink
Artist-in-Residence, Salem College
Winston-Salem, NC

The artistic level of our Focus on Piano Literature seminar benefited greatly from your expertise. Thank you for contributing substantially to its success.

Andrew Willis
Professor of Piano and Director of Focus on Piano Literature, UNCG
Greensboro, NC

The restorer of Elon’s crown jewel, John Foy corrected the dating of the Steinway D that he purchased in Greensboro. It was completely taken apart and had its original soundboard re-created before being fitted with an entirely new action, Precision TouchDesign by David Stanwood. Instead of the roughly empirical balancing of the hammers used by the major makers, very precise computer-assisted balancing allowed for the use of heavier hammers, which contribute to the glorious sound. All the Adams Foundation artists—Richard and John Contiguglia, Steven Mayer, Leon Bates, Ruth Laredo, and Ann Schein—have been unstinting in their enthusiasm for the instrument.

William Thomas Walker
From “Ann Schein’s Radiant Piano Recital at Elon University”
Classical Voice NC

I’ve just finished playing Chopin, Brahms, and Debussy on your gorgeous piano. I really like the way the instrument responds not only to my touch, but to my thought. The action is so friendly—it seems to ask to be played. The more I play, the more it wants to be played. It responds to the loudest and firmest playing just as well as soft, intimate playing. I don’t have to do anything extra to have the piano sound the way I hear it in my mind. . . .

Kimberlea Daggy
Former Music Director, WFDD 88.5 FM
Winston-Salem, NC

I enjoyed the recent privilege of playing and hearing your restored Steinway model C. It is truly an extraordinary musical instrument. As a 26-year veteran piano technician, I am aware of the countless hours and commitment necessary to complete such a project. I am particularly impressed by the Stanwood Action. . . . More pianists are sure to demand the consistency of touch and performance provided by such innovations. Keep up the good work!

Stephen R. Duncan, RPT
Duncan Piano Service
High Point, NC

You’ve transformed my tired old Mason and Hamlin into a work of art! I can’t thank you enough for your fine work.

Sherry Hoffman
Independence, VA

When I decided to restore my beat-up 7-foot Baldwin, more than one expert told me to consult John Foy. John's bid was surprisingly affordable, and the finished product is quite simply unbelievable, probably superior to a factory-new instrument. The action, which was rebuilt to specifications of the Stanwood Precision TouchDesign, is as fluid and consistent as any I have encountered from any manufacturer. The best!

Patrick Taggart
Raleigh, NC